Week 8: Volleyball Study Guide

Volleyball Study Guide 

Test will be on October 16, 2015

1.  Invented in 1895 by a PE director at a YMCA in New York named    William G. Morgan.
2.  Combined skills from the sports of tennis, handball, and basketball.
3.  How long is the court?   60 feet
4.  How wide is the court?  30 feet
5.  How far is it from the net to the attack line?  10 feet
6.  How many players are on the court at a time for one team?   6
7.  How many chances does a team have to hit the ball over the net? 3
8.  How tall is a girls net in volleyball?   7 feet 4 1/4 inches
9.  How tall is a boys net in volleyball?    8 feet
10.  When a team loses the serve the other team rotates before they serve.
11.  When a ball hits just outside the line but part of the ball is over the line it is called shading the line.      Shading the line means the ball is considered to be in play.
12.  In order to begin play a player will serve the ball to the other team.
13.  Two types of serve:   1) overhand     2) underhand
14.  When a team wins the right to serve they will rotate clockwise before the next person on their team serves the ball.

15.  Forearm Pass -

16.  Setting - 

The court labeled:  Know where the sideline, endline, and attack line are:

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