3rd Nine Weeks Homework and Test

This nine weeks we will be working our students towards their final fitness test.  At the end of the third nine weeks we will have our post-fitness test.  The goal is for most of our students to show improvement on most of the 6 components of their fitness test.  

We will be exercising to some degree every day and will have a guaranteed 2 days a week in which we will do full day fitness days.  The other days we will have either quick 4 minute TABATA workouts or small interval runs to help build their strength and stamina over the following items:
  1. Chest to Floor Push ups (how many can they do in 3 minutes)
  2. Sit ups (how many can they do in 3 minutes)
  3. 12 minute run (how many laps can they complete in 12 minutes)
  4. V-sit - how far can they reach towards their toes
  5. Jump Rope  (how many times can you completely jump over the rope using correct jump rope form in 3 minutes - if they cannot jump rope they will be allowed to jump a line)
  6. BMI - we will take height and weight and see how their Body Mass Index has changed over the course of the year.


Although we try very hard at school to get our students active and engaged we just cannot give them enough time to make huge leaps in their overall health (weight, strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, etc).  While they are at home push them to be as active as possible:  running, playing, biking, jumping on a trampoline, and yes, doing some push ups, sit ups, and possibly some squats.  With your help I know that our students can move towards better physical health.


We took a break over the second half of the second nine weeks and concentrated on our basketball unit.  This nine weeks we will resume our online health lessons.  

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