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  • Dress out for Physical Education will be optional this year. However, during class our students WILL sweat:  (class will be fitness based meaning we will do fitness each day as well as play a game and discuss Health related topics).  If students.  Students will still be allowed to dress out everyday if they choose to do so (they will be given 4 minutes before and after class to change)

  • Tennis shoes are our textbooks - they are required daily.  PE will be every day AND, if they do not have the proper shoes, they will be asked to take them off and participate regardless.

  • You will be expected to have a 1 subject notebook – will be needed for PE every single day.  Regardless of the activity you need to have your notebook and be prepared to use it. If you choose to we will store your notebook in the gym until needed.  If an assignment is given you can then use it when it’s needed and/or take it home when necessary.

The nature of class requires movement and, without good tennis shoes, the chance of injury rises when other types of shoes are worn.  Any student who is not wearing tennis shoes will be required to participate without their shoes UNLESS we feel that it is unsafe in the activity of the day.  Most activities (including fitness workouts) CAN be completed barefooted or in socks....though we highly recommend tennis shoes are brought each day.  If we feel that the activity would be dangerous without tennis shoes then we will give the student an alternative assignment (probably fitness based).


IF you choose to dress out for class be sure to follow dress code.  You dress according to Wayne County Public Schools dress code.  The only exceptions are listed below:


  • Shorts must be no less than the length of your fingertips with your hands by your sides.  T-shirts must meet Wayne County dress code.  If, in the opinion of a staff member, it is decided that your choice of clothes is too revealing or distracting to those around you you will be asked to change back into your school clothes and STILL be required to participate.

  • Leggings and Yoga pants ARE allowed BUT the student must wear a shirt which covers their rear while in PE.  Also, after PE, they must change into other clothes OR simply put on a different shirt which is no more than 3-inches above the knee.

  • If a dress is worn we recommend that a pair of shorts be worn under the dress and expect that everyone understands that, even with a dress on, you will be required to participate in whatever activity we are doing that day (with the exception of picture days).

  • Tennis shoes are the only acceptable type of shoe for Physical Education class.  Absolutely NO flip flops, boots of any kind, sandals, or high heels.  Your feet must be completely enclosed within the shoe and must be able to tie securely.


  • Shorts must not be oversized so that they will stay on your hips.   Oversized clothing is not acceptable in the Wayne County rules and will not be accepted in Physical Education class.  

  • Tennis shoes are the only acceptable type of shoe for Physical Education class.  Absolutely NO flip flops, boots of any kind, sandals, or dress shoes.  Your feet must be completely enclosed within the shoe and must be able to tie securely.


It is a given that not all students are the same. Some may be extremely athletic and tasks seem easier for them. Other students may struggle at times with physical challenges. A student’s grade is based off of effort, regardless of ability. If Coach Wingate and I see that a student is working hard they will receive a good evaluation as compared to a student who does not try or doesn't give an effort based off of our individual expectations for them. An athlete needs to give 100%.  A non-athlete needs to give 100%.  Anything less will be graded as such.

  • Medical Reason for non-participation:   If you are sick or injured you must bring in a note from your parents EXPLAINING THE PROBLEM.  The note must be brought in on the SAME DAY which you are to be excused from participation. Prolonged illness or injury (more than three days) will require a note from a doctor explaining the problem. (For prolonged illness or injuries the student may be assigned other tasks in which to earn their grade).  Please be very specific and give the reason that the student will need to sit out of Physical Education AND, if it is allowable, what they could do even if they were sick/hurt.  For example, Johnnie has a broken arm- could he walk during class to get some exercise?  Susan has a broken leg - could she sit in a chair and do some light work with weights using her arms?

  • Dismissal from class – At the end of the period students are to wait inside the gym until they are dismissed.  We dismiss class by sounding 3 whistles.

  • Homework – Every week we will provide time for students to take notes during class in order to write the material they need to study for test in their notebooks.  All notes, vocabulary, etc. will also be available online on the Physical Education homepage linked on the Grantham Middle School website.  Each student is responsible for being sure they get the notes.  If they are absent from school they need to ask what they missed and for time to put the information in their notebooks.  If they cannot get online to get the notes then it is their responsibility to come to Coach Wingate or Coach Bradley to ask for extra time to get the information.

Grades / Points– The student final grade will be a combination of the following:

  • Participation -

  • Skills Tests / Written Test / Quizzes -

  • Group projects -



1.      Fully participate in daily activities and report to class on time.

2.      Listen when the teacher or other students are giving instructions or speaking.

3.      Not engage in horseplay in during Physical Education (it will not be tolerated).

4.      Have NO food, candy, or drinks in the gym.  WATER is allowed in water bottles.

5.      Refrain from the use of profane or vulgar language.

6.      Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

7.      Respect the differences of each member of the class.

8.      Follow the school rules and standards as listed in the handbook.


  • FIRST OFFENSE:  Verbal warning

  • SECOND OFFENSE: Removal from participation and counseling with the instructor.

  • THIRD OFFENSE: Same as second offense and lose 1 Dojo point.

  • FOURTH OFFENSE: Parent contact and loss of 1 Dojo point.

  • FIFTH OFFENSE:  Office referral and loss of Dojo point.

IMMEDIATE OFFENSE: Any student who severely disrupts the class will immediately be sent to the office for disciplinary action. “Severe disruption” shall be defined as any behavior which willfully inflicts physical harm to someone else; destroying of property or equipment; overtly defies the teacher or threatens violence to someone else, theft…….

Bullying and Hazing:  Bullying and Hazing:  Hazing or peer type actions of a physical nature that one student or student athlete does to another will not be tolerated.

  • Hazing is defined as - the practice of playing unpleasant tricks on someone or forcing someone to do unpleasant things

  • Bullying is defined as - Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

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