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Games That Kids Enjoy - this is a collection of 22 games that I collected and sent out to our staff for use in their classrooms during recess or outside time.  Each game I've found while searching the internet.

Matball AND Figure Eight Matball - this is a game that Coach House and I came up with a few years ago.   It's an amped-up game of kickball which provides the fun of kickball while promoting cardiovascular fitness.  The challenge with this game is getting the less athletic students to help during the defensive side of the game.  In my experience, all students get into the offensive side of the game.

Reverse Bullseye - This was a game that we created a couple of years ago for large groups of students.  We wanted a game which focused on throwing and hitting a target so we came up with a game called Bullseye.  Bullseye is basically the same thing but you scored points FOR your team if you knocked a ball across another team's throwing line.  Therefore Bullseye is an offensive game.  Reverse Bullseye is the opposite as it is a defensive game.  You're trying to stop balls from crossing your defensive throwing line.  If a ball crosses your line your team receives points....and you do not want points in this version.

Speedball - Speedball is a great game that we've been teaching for several years now.  It's a combination of soccer, basketball, and football and can be played indoors or outdoors.  I've attached a more basic set of rules that we use here at Grantham for you to use or adapt to your situation.   This game can be a great way to include both math (score) and reading comprehension (vocabulary).  Essentially the objective of the game is to score more points than the other team.  To do this the simple rule is that if the ball hits the ground you play soccer style.  If the ball is lifted soccer style into a person or teammates hands OR caught in the air after a kick (reception) you play football/basketball way (No dribbling of course). I've also attached a UNIT that we've used to teach the game.  It is intensive in that it involves work in and out of the classroom and skills test in the classroom.

Speedball Unit Files are below:

Battle Ball -  Battle Ball is a great game that we've been playing for years.  Essentially it is a non-contact game which is played just like Ultimate Frisbee but with a ball instead of a frisbee.  In my opinion, this game is better when you have smaller groups (8-10 students per team or less) rather than a large group.  It can be played large group but it tends to turn in to the girls standing around and the boys and more athletic girls monopolizing the play time.  The idea is to pass the ball down the court/field and score by throwing the ball past the end-line into your end-zone.  While this is happening it is important to understand that the quicker the students throw the ball around the harder it is to defend and the easier it is to score.  That takes time to develop a knack for though.  Rules are attached below.

PINBALL  - This is a cooperative invasion game in which students either attempt to protect or knock down bowling pins for points.  If you are a defender in this game you will have to work hard to stay in a defensive position to protect your pin.  If you are on offense you will be very active running to both secure a ball to throw and to position yourself to knock an opponents pin over.  We just put this one together so if you happen to come up with some new rules let me know your variation.
NOTE:  When playing this game with the students' defense was an issue.  They tended to stand as close to the pin as possible to defend.  When guarding alone it's about all you can do.  When guarding in pairs and up to 5 students the best defense is to make a circle and get away from the pin somewhat.  If you are on top of the pin on defense the offense can get right up to the ball.  If you make a wider circle you can put a little bit of distance from the offensive player and the pin you are guarding.  Also, who's to say a group of defensive players can't put more than one pin in the middle and increase the size of the defensive circle? 

Outbreak - Be the team with the most people still unfrozen at the end of the time period.   Each team is trying to pass the ball around to free as many possible before the time limit is up all while trying to avoid being tagged and frozen.   My kids love this one.  I love it because they are constantly moving.

Circle the Wagons - My students really enjoyed this game.  You divide the class into two teams.   One team is trying to knock down the pins by rolling a ball through the other teams defensive square.  During the timed round if a pin is knocked down by the offensive team the defensive team can designate two people to reset the pins as they are knocked down.  The score is kept by counting how many pins a team has at the end of each round
Circle the Wagons

Rundlauf - I wanted to play Chinese ping pong with my students but no longer have the tables to do it with.  So I modified the game into a floor game.  This is also a game that can be played on a ping pong table with ping pong ball and paddle.  The students really got into this game and, when the game got going, it was a decent cardiovascular workout.


Sabakiball - This game is fun, fun, fun.  My kids love it and I do too.  This game, when played correctly, gets the students moving up and down the floor quickly.  It has the potential to maximize participation since you have so little time to hold the ball.  In this game, students are getting a great cardio workout and don't even seem to notice.


Ga-Ga (Gym rules) Ga-ga is a very fun, safe form of dodgeball that does not involve throwing a ball at another person.  Instead, you bat the ball with one or two hands at others.  This keeps the game safe and fun for all students.  There are two versions:  The Pit Rules and the Gym rules.  If you do not have a pit (playing area) surrounded by walls then use the gym rules.

Ga-Ga (Gym Rules)
Ga-Ga (Pit Rules)

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