Lecture Links for Notes and Terms

Week 1:
Monday, 8/28 Assignment: Forced-Choice Inventory
Tuesday, 8/29 Blendspace: Atoms, Subatomic Particles, and Ions
Friday, 9/01 Assignments
assignment #1
assignment #2- baseline data, see Mrs. Kelly
Week 2:
Tuesday, 9/05 Assignment: Molecules
Friday, 9/08 Assignment: Atoms, Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
Week 3:
Wednesday, 9/13: Character Day
The Science of Character
The Adaptable Mind
Thursday, 9/14: Counting Atoms
Week 4:
Tuesday, 9/19: Connect with Quizlet:
Quizlet for Atoms
Wingate Quizlet
Wednesday, 9/20: Blendspace on Periodic Table
Quizlet for Periodic Table
Wingate Quizlet
Week 5:
Wednesday, 9/27: Blendspace on Periodic Table
Quizlet for Groups of the Periodic Table
Wingate quizlet

Week 6:
Wednesday, 10/4: Blendspace for Chemical and Physical Changes
Quizlet for Chemical and Physical Changes
Wingate Quizlet

Week 7:

Wednesday, 10/11: Blendspace for Balancing Chemical Equations
Quizlet for practicing balancing equations

Week 8:
Wednesday, 10/18: Blendspace on Energy
Quizlet for Energy: Renewable and Nonrenewable
Wingate quizlet

Week 9:

Wednesday, 10/25: Blendspace about Pros and Cons of Energy Sources
*There is no quizlet this week, since we are learning the pros and cons of last week's words.  Continue to practice last week's words and review the pros and cons list we made together in class.
Pros and Cons study sheet

Week 1:
Wednesday, 11/1: Blendspace on Energy Conservation

Week 2:
Wednesday, 11/8: Blendspace on Earth's History
Quizlet on Geologic Time Scale
Wingate Quizlet

Week 3:
Thursday, 11/16: Blendspace on Earth's History (2)

Week 5:
Wednesday, 11/29: Blendspace on Earth's History (3)

Week 6:
Thursday, 12/7:  Blendspace on Water (week 1)

Week 7: 
Wednesday, 12/13: Blendspace on Oceanography (we may spend more than a week on this topic, due to the break)
Quizlet on Oceans
Quizlet (Wingate) on Oceans
Week 9: Tuesday, 1/16: Combined blendspace on Water Quality and Stewardship Quizlet on Water Quality and Stewardship

Week 1: Wednesday, 1/24: Blendspace on Ecosystems: Limiting Factors
Quizlet on Limiting Factors
Week 2: Wednesday, 1/31:
Blendspace on Ecosystems:Interactions
Quizlet on Interactions
Thursday, 2/1:
Symbiotic Relationships
Week 3:
Wednesday, 2/7:
Blendspace on Energy and Matter
Quizlet on Energy and Matter
Week 4:
Wednesday, 2/14:
Blendspace on Microbiology
Quizlet on Microbiology UNIT (2 weeks)
Week 5:
Wednesday, 2/22:
Blendspace on Outbreaks
Week 6:
Wednesday, 2/28:
Blendspace on Biotechnology
Quizlet on Biotech
Week 7:
Monday, 3/12:
Link to writing slideshow (paper is due Friday, 3/16)
Tuesday, 3/13:
Blendspace on Molecular Biology (test on Wednesday, 3/21) Quizlet on Molecular Biology
Thursday, 3/15: Student Survey

Week 8:
Monday and Tuesday:
QUIZZIZ Test review, GAME CODE 168321
Thursday, 3/22:
Blendspace on Evolution and Genetics
Quizlet on Evolution and Genetics
Thursday, 3/29:
QUIZZIZ Test Review, GAME CODE 044233

EOG REVIEW: 4/10/18- END OF YEAR SURVEY 4/13/18- Another Survey... LOL

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