ELA/SS Syllabus

Grade 5-

English Language Arts Syllabus


Assessment 1- Benchmark

Classroom Routines

Notice and Note


Notice and Note

Finding Main Ideas and Details

Summarizing Informational Texts


Using Details to Support Inferences

Explaining Relationships in Scientific and Technical Texts

Explaining Relationships in Historical Texts

First Nine Weeks Benchmark


Comparing and Contrasting Characters in Drama

Comparing and Contrasting Settings and Events

Finding the Theme of a Story or Drama

Finding the Theme of a Poem


Summarizing Literary Texts

Using Details to Support Inferences in Literary Texts


Unfamiliar Words

Comparing Text Structures, Part 1:  Chronology, Problem-Solution

Comparing Text Structures, Part 2:  Cause & Effect, Compare - Contrast

Analyzing Accounts of the Same Topic

Second Nine Weeks Benchmark


Language and Meaning

Understanding Literary Structure


Point of View

Finding Information from Multiple Sources

Understanding Supporting Evidence

Third Nine Weeks Benchmark


Using Multiple Sources for Writing and Speaking

Analyzing Visual Elements in Literary Texts

Comparing and Contrasting Stories in the Same Genre


Synthesis of Standards

EOG Reading Test

Social Studies Syllabus

Social Studies Alive! America’s Past

Chapter 1: Geography of the United States

What can geography teach us about the United States?

Discover how to read a globe and use latitude and longitude. Learn about geographical terms and physical features that describe the United States.

Chapter 2: American Indians and their Land

How did American Indians adapt to different environments in North America?

Find out about the first people to live in North America. Learn where American Indians came from, where they chose to live, and why they established different ways of life.

Chapter 3: American Indian Cultural Regions

How and why did American Indian cultural regions differ?

Discover how several American Indian groups adapted to different geographic areas. See why, in each region, they created a unique way of life.

Chapter 4: How and Why Europeans Came to the New World

What did explorers take to and from the New World during the age of exploration?

Learn why Europeans sailed to the Americas. Read about artifacts divers found around European sunken ships and what these reveal about European motivations to explore the New World.

Chapter 5: Routes of Exploration to the New World

How did exploration of the Americas lead to settlement?

Read about eight European explorers. Discover why they came to the New World and how their arrival affected the peoples already living there.

Chapter 6: Early English Settlements

What challenges faced the first English colonies?

Learn about three groups that came to North America from England. Discover the challenges and hardships they faced as they struggled to survive, and eventually prosper, in North America.

Chapter 7: Comparing the Colonies

How were the three colonial regions alike and different?

Compare six British colonies in North America. Learn how life in three colonial regions- New England, Middle, and Southern- was similar and different. Ponder what life would have been like in each region

Chapter 8: Facing Slavery

What was the impact of slavery on Africans?

Learn about slavery from the point of view of West Africans. Appreciate the many dilemmas facing them as they were forced from Africa, across the Atlantic, and into a life of bondage in the Americas.