Useful Links

EOG Reading Review

Reading Practice

This is a good site to review items taught this year.

Released EOG Reading Test-2013

This is the newest form that has been released.

Released EOG Reading Test-2009

This is a copy of the released EOG reading test from the state.

Link Library

Practice Verbs

Use this link to practice verbs.

Leveled Book Search

Use this website to find books to read that are on your independent reading level.

Reading Resources

This website will link you to reading resources for each theme/story in our Harcourt Reading series.

Social Studies for Kids

This is an excellent resource for Social Studies information!

American Revolution Game

Here is a game that students can play to understand the American Revolution.

Educational Videos, Games, Puzzles

This website will allow your child to explore various educational videos, games, and puzzles in all subject areas.


Brainpop is an interactive website that allows students to learn about all sorts of topics.