Academic Vocabulary

Academic Vocabulary-Students will create a vocabulary box for each new term weekly following the criteria below.  Terms are listed and meanings, examples, and illustrations will be in cornell notes.  
                                                              Meaning                                                             Example/Illustration
                                                              Sentence                                                           Non-example 
absolute value, additive inverse, integer, term, expression, variable, coefficient, constant, multiplicative inverse, repeating decimal, terminating decimal, rational number, reciprocal, like terms, inverse, equation, equivalent, inequality, ratio, rate, unit rate, constant of proportionality, proportion, proportional relationship, percent of change, percent of increase, percent of decrease, percent of error, tax, tip, discount, sale, markup, simple interest, principal, corresponding side, corresponding angles, corresponding parts, circumference, area, sector, radius, diameter, arc, chord, tangent, corresponding angles, alternate interior angles, alternate exterior angles, transversal, complementary angles, supplementary angles , vertical angles, adjacent angles, mean, median, mode, range, outlier, first quartile, second quartile, third quartile, inter-quartile range, upper extreme, lower extreme, lower quartile, upper quartile, trapezoid, rectangular prism, triangular prism, pyramid, surface area, volume, net, measures of central tendencies 
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