Due to the high number of students, and high variation of academic levels, I have placed the students into four groups based on their Reading Levels and abilities.  This will allow me to assist as many students as possible in the short amount of time they are in my room. There are three rotations that the students go through- Corrective Reading, Independent Reading Comprehension/Writing,  and the group I lead. 

   The Corrective Reading program is a direct-instruction program which focuses on decoding skills.  The students took a placement test at the beginning of the year that put them in a specific level in the series based on their scores.
   I lead a small group and we typically work on more complex concepts, such as parts of speech, writing strategies, sentence structure, etc.  On Mondays and Fridays, we complete running records for the passage they have for homework.  Monday is their "dry-run,"
they will read the passage with only having heard me read it once.  By Friday, they should be familiar with the passage and their mistakes should decrease. 

   The Independent Reading Comprehension Group must read (for a set amount of time) and then answer a series of questions about what they read.  OR They will be given a prompt and have to complete a thinking map and write a (minimum) of 5 sentences.  The amount I expect them to write will be according to their abilities and I will expect the amount of writing to increase as we go through the year. This group works on their reading/writing stamina- or the length for which they read/write.

Homework: The students have a passage each week and activities to complete each night:
Monday- Read Passage and work on words they missed
Tuesday- Read Passage and define Vocabulary (bolded words in the passage)
Wednesday- Read Passage and Complete Word Work (Color/Circle words based on the directions)
Thursday- Read Passage and complete Comprehension questions

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